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Name:Father Christmas
Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"I know what you're thinking. Life of Riley, bed of blooming roses! Wonder what he does the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year?"

Father Christmas (AKA Chris Aftermaths when he doesn't want to be recognised) is... well, what he says on the tin, really. He's a middle aged man, slightly overweight, white beard. Most of the time he wears normal clothes and tries to remain... undercover. With varying success.

He sometimes comes across as a little grumpy, but is soft at heart, and dedicated to his annual task of delivering presents to children around the world. In between, he enjoys travelling, and takes care of his cat, dog and reindeer.

Father Christmas is able to tell whether you are naughty or nice, but only in the context of whether or not to give you a present.

Q: How does my pup get a present from Father Christmas:

A: 1. Have your pup write him a letter and give it to the bar THEN sign up below.
2. Sign up below for them to get the present by other strange/magical ways.

Q: Can anyone get a present from FC?

A: Yes! Everyone who joins in will get a present. See next FAQs.

Q: Is my pup naughty or nice?

A: Please decide for yourself (honestly!) and state with your letter or sign-up comment whether you want your pup on the naughty list or nice list. For example, if your pup is, say, a career criminal, but does it for the good of mankind, then they can go on the nice list. It's up to you how you feel they've been.
For this year - if you want abducting but your charrie is nice, sign up on the Ministry of Elf Error list

Q: What can my pup get from Father Christmas?

A: If they are on the nice list, they will get what they want, within reason. Basic parameters are - under £30/$40 or so, not dangerous (no weapons/drugs etc), not magical, not living. Common Sense will be applied. If your pup asks for something that isn't possible, they will get something else.

If they are on the naughty list, they will receive something unexciting or unwanted: e.g. a book of Crime and Punishment or an orange. Abductions will happen on December 30th (you need to liaise with Maru if you aren't free)

Q: Can I join in if my pup is an adult, doesn't celebrate Christmas, or isn't human?

A: Yes, anyone can join in, if you want them to.

Q: My pup doesn't believe in Father Christmas, does it matter?

A: Get him or her to look over there. See that guy with the beard collecting letters? Believe now? Great, now you can join in.

Q: I have another question not answered here.

A: Ping me, guppymun on AIM, or email here.

[Father Christmas is from the 1991 film Father Christmas and is the property of Raymond Briggs; he is used here for Role Playing purposes at [info]milliways_bar from which no profit is made.]
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